We take pride in and LOVE what we do…we’ve seen 1,000s of patients and helped them get better after their injury.

Here is what they say about us:

“It’s been great everyone is nice, everyone cares about my needs and I would come back if I had to.”

S. Smith

“It’s a great rehab place, they have great energy all around, the staff doesn’t just treat you like a client but more like a friend. They really listen and try to help you without judging. They go beyond their job to make you and your wreck problems get better.”

J. Robinson

“They help you and it’s a clean, great place. They got my body to function better and they are very helpful.”


“They care about their patients, they don’t just do what a chiropractic does, they help you not hurt you.”

N. Henderson

“I had never been in a wreck and Synergy helped with everything. They are great and not just there to do job but they actually care.”

B. Linne

“Doctors are great. Very nice to deal with and they have helped me get back to normal physically.”

C. Calhoun

“They have worked with my time and been helpful.”

E. Curtsinger

“I like the way they got me in so quick and they are flexible with appointments.”

K. Linne

“I feel Synergy Rehab has been the best course of action since my accident, the staff is very supportive and friendly.”

S. Jones

“There great people, very fun and safe place to be, work well with you and do an outstanding job. The comfort in laughter and joy they bring to a patient that is in severe pain makes a difference in our day.”

W. Caldwell

“I’ve really gotten better. I’ve grown so much. Everybody that’s at Synergy is kind, funny and willing to help.”

M. Randolph

“They care about their patients, professional and knowledgeable. Great care and attention to details.”

J. Bland

“They really have a good group and make you feel comfortable. The medical staff really ask how you feel and listen with concern. They concentrate on you and only you, they care, and they know where you’re coming from. They do a good job explaining things. They keep you positive during a hard time. Great staff and Doctors period.”


C. Auberry

“Good people, always smiling, always friendly, and always good to me. I will only come to Synergy for treatment.”

A. Hudspeth

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